Tuesday, December 26, 2006


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No no, no no no no, no no, no no no...

The bouncers made us pull up Tuning In. Something about a riot down at the front.

Going Loco

Some of the worst music selection I have ever heard has occurred whilst in a crowd, waiting for an act to appear on stage at a live gig. Is it the same soundman who can't turn up the vocal when asked during the live gig who selects the shit heap of music that precedes the main act? I was at a N*E*R*D concert once and I remember hearing 'Going Loco Down in Acapulco' by The Four Tops. At a Slayer concert you will probably hear DJ Scooter. Not only craptastic tracks that nobody has heard for a decade, but always supremely inappropriate for the audience.

Surprisingly, at these All Ages Concerts we have been performing at recently the promoter Blaise has taken the initiative to bother to book some decent DJs to play in between the acts. We did a gig a little over a week back at Neighbourhood in West London and a DJ named Silverlink was given the job of holding the crowds attention in between songs. It turned out to be one of the best sets from a DJ I've heard in a long while. It combined electro, grime, uk garage, the obligatory rave classics, videogame soundtracks and other oddities that sat nicely amongst them, as well as a few of his own productions.

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He was also decked out properly for the occasion, in a Cassette Playa bleeding eyeballs tee-shirt and some Keith Haring style trousers. It then made sense to hear he is connected to London’s most exciting fashion designer, and flag flyer for New Rave, Cassette Playa. If you aren't aware of her work then take off those cataract glasses you have been wearing for the last nine months. I love her clothes designs and the gifs on her myspace page give me blood vomiting seizures. I have to say I wouldn’t wear them down Watford Town Centre on a Friday night. That however, is kind of litmus test for exciting fashion.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Smack is Wack.

We bought some more equiptment with gig/teeshirt/crack money we have earned over the last three months...

we got...


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it makes you do a metal sound. Now we can be more like our heroes Van Halen and Lordi.

SPDS Drum Sampler

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Now Nick plays all our vocals on a trigger. This has allowed James to avoid the live shows altogether and finally write that bloody novel.


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We programmed in twelve phone dialing tones to each of the pads and convinced Alice this was a mobile phone from the eighties.

Jack Leads

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We spent thirty quid on leads and hope to lose them all over the next three live shows.

Cornish Pastie

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This was vital. We are still waiting to hear back from Greggs concerning the sponsorship.

Novation X-Station

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Swanky bit of synthage that now does the new bits on our new bits.

(Sorry for the delay on this post, I had trouble sourcing a photography studio with a white background where I could take individual photographs of all this equipment.)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Japanese Fruityloop Spastics


Life is full of coincidences, deja-vu and chance encounters. Through a chance encounter I found an amazing book sitting on a table, in the library at school. Some may argue that you are extremely likely to come across books in libraries however this one really did catch my eye. That person might possibly argue further that any book with these freaks (SEE BELOW) on the front cover would catch anybody’s eye. I would then proceed to twat that said person in the eyeball with my trusted parker pen.

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Anyway it turns out Japan has been doing East London for the last decade or so and it has been documented by FRUiTs zine/magazine. There is nothing 'neu' about fashion at the moment. Check out the book (I say book, but its one of the best kind, ones with about 300 words, then the rest pictures)


This place too...

Thursday, December 7, 2006



Canadian 'Fuckshituppers' who are apparently in the country this weekend. Oh, and I think they have something to do with Test-Icicles.



Have you ever tried to save an mp3 with the characters '(' or ':'? Neither had I until I came across these Scottish Gameboy Emokid's myspace. Well anyway mp3 won't let you, so well done to :( for creating simplist and most effective online piracy deterent since Metallica got their lawyers to rape Napster in the soft-drive.



Wouldn't it be wicked if there was a band out there that combined the racy live feeling of British Indie rock with the digital square synthesis and 808 claps of Grime music? Hadouken tried it, but Bolt Action Five did it better it (the other direction.)




This is Hadoukens entry for Messthetics. Messthetics is a collection of black and white drawings from the fifteen coolest bands in the UK released on Surface Noise Records early next year. You didn't know about it, but now you do, so now you can call yourself cool again.


A Nasty Review in the NME