Sunday, December 2, 2007


It's that time of year when critics start listing their opinion of which of this years albums are the most objectively valuable pieces of artwork. Personally, every year I get less sure I know what that might mean, or who could be qualified to recognize such a thing. Anyway what I am sure of is which albums I ENJOYED listening to the most this year, so I made a list of them. There may well have been 'better' albums released this year but these are the one's I'll remember:

Meet Me In St Louis - Variations on Swing

Radiohead - In Rainbows

Burial - Untrue

The Good, The Bad and The Queen

Dillinger Escape Plan - Ire Works

The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever

Reuben - In Nothing We Trust

Frank Turner - Sleep is for the Week

Jamie T - Panic Prevention

Jeffrey Lewis - 12 Crass Songs

Battles - Mirrored

Tinariwen - Aman Iman

still on my to do list: band of horses, MIA, arctic monkeys, iliketrains, beirut

so what have I missed out on?



Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen, a Christmas song with the lyrics 'it's your birthday so have a party, we're sorry about that nailed to a cross business.'

Join this facebook group, promote the track in anyway you can and please, please buy it when it's available on iTunes on 17th December.

Get Reuben To Christmas No 1

Reuben Website


In other news, I saw TUBELORD play last night after having their myspace tracks on heavy rotation all week, massively impressed, check them out here:



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Real Time Collage TV

Just added some new videos to our video blog, Real Time TV - just click the link to the right...


Monday, November 12, 2007

Nostalgia is for losers, discuss.

Cool interview question from Dazed Digital, I said...

“Agreed. Every year there are articles complaining that it's been a dire year for music and that the current music scene (by which they mean the guitar bands in the top 40) are awful in comparison to the official cannon of untouchable rock ‘n roll greats. They're right, there has been some very bland retro indie stuff this year but there's been a lot of exciting new music from big and small bands too... off the top of my head: Rolo Tomassi, Liars, Does It Offend You Yeah?, Bloc Party, Late of the Pier, The Ghost Frequency, Battles, The Hold Steady, Burial, These New Puritans, Future of the Left, Radiohead, Meet Me In St Louis, !!!, Foals, Chipmunk, Orphans, Arctic Monkeys and so on. I'm very far from being on top of new music at the moment but thats enough to keep me excited and stop me selling a kidney to see Led Zep or rushing out to buy Sex Pistols re-releases. Music is a lot about context and I'd rather see a young band in their prime than hear a 60-something Roger Daltrey singing 'My Generation'”


COMING SOON: New content on REAL TIME TV and top albums of the year but first I gotta listen to In Rainbows, Burial's Untrue and the new Dillinger Escape Plan!

Monday, October 1, 2007


We're releasing a Mixtape, it's called 'Not Here To Please You'

Tracklisting is...

Leap Of Faith
Love, Sweat & Beer
Dance Lesson
You Can't Be That
Liquid Lives (Noisia Remix)
Tuning In (H! Rerub)
Bloc Party Vs Hadouken! Remix
Plan B Vs Hadouken! Remix
Bolt Action 5 Vs Hadouken! Remix

It's going to be available on USB only and will be the first release to be available exclusively on that format. Why you may well ask? Well we're not foolish enough to think that the future of music consumption is on USB, but we thought it would be cool to try it for these reasons:

1. This is not our album, to make sure there was no confusion, we decided to make it aesthetically different from your standard album. We'll be back with our album next year on more traditional formats.

2. The USB does open some interesting new possibilities, it's not a case of you plugging the thing in and pulling the tracks out of a folder, we've had an interactive bit of artwork built that you can navigate through to get to the tracks and other secret bits and pieces.

The video for 'Leap of Faith' will be available online on Monday at 8pm, it won't be on here, on youtube or any of our sites but check back to this blog and we'll have put up a link to where you can find it. It was made by Bobby Harlow and StitchThat, who made Liquid Lives and That Boy That Girl, I think it's their best yet and can't wait for everyone to see it.



Monday, September 10, 2007


Definately worth a moment of your time this one. Congratulations to Klaxons on the win, defo deserved the prize for the best album of the last twelve months! No one on that list could test Gravitys Rainbow/Atlantis/Magik/4 Housemen IMO.

I managed to catch their set at Reading which was also out of this world. You have to see this band at least once while you are absolutely trashed (a bit like Alex here probably had been... ;)


Friday, September 7, 2007


Nick's always complaining that we use this blog to big up the same few bands all the time so I thought I'd do a quick post about some bands I'm loving at the moment that I probably haven't mentioned here before...

Firstly, and not for the faint hearted, MALEFICE. Malefice are a brutal metal band from Reading whose guitarist is an old friend of mine. Their album, Entities, is out now and just got a bunch of incredible reviews including four Ks in Kerrang and 9/10 in RockSound. They were due out on the road with Meshuggah and Dillinger Escape Plan this autumn but sadly the tour has been canceled. However, you can still catch them at Klub Kerrang on the 15th September.

On a completely different tip, one of my favorite bands in the country, iLiKETRAiNS, have a new single out on monday. Whilst living in Leeds I saw these guys play loads of times and they're simply stunning, here's the vid for the new single:

Finally, make sure you check out Eliza Doolittle, she's got two gigs coming up at Notting Hill Arts club and is no doubt destined for big things.




Thursday, August 30, 2007



We try not to use this blog to promote our stuff and instead keep it focused on inane chat, amateur music journalism and novelty youtube videos. However we´re pretty excited to be nominated for a DIGITAL MUSIC AWARD and so we´d be very grateful if you could vote for us in the ´Best Eelectronic Artist of DJ´ category by clicking here

We are also nominated in the best breakthrough band category, but that is panel judged. In other news, we played Ibiza rocks last night with We Are Scientists, bit of a weird gig that, it was in the tennis court at the hotel where george michael filmed Club Tropicana, for those too young to remember:

In the song he says the drinks are free, it was a big let down to find out THAT WAS A LIE. Ill never trust george again. anyway, WAS were ace and lovely blokes

peace n that



P.S. some of the gigs on the tour are sold out on our website but you can still get tickets at other outlets, like

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Last year when people used to ask us about the 'grindie scene' in interviews James coined the phrase; 'it's not a scene, it's a mixtape,' because it seemed to us that there wasn't really a massive crossover going on beyond Statiks infamous mixtape. However since then it seems we've been proved wrong with loads of collabs popping up on record and live... Dizzee with Arctics, Bizzle with Gallows/Kate Nash/Doherty/Yourcodenameis:milo, Kano with Damon Alban, Ordinary Boys with Lady Sov , Statik with all sorts and possibly, the most unexpected of all The Hoosiers and Tinchy Stryder?!?

Damon Albarn, Kano and Scratch Africa Express.

Bizzle and Gallows on tour.

Arctics & Dizzee at Glasto.

It's easy to be cynical and say the relationship exists because it allows indie bands to grab a bit of credibility while grime artists get a bit of mainstream exposure, yet if you hear any of the acts involved talk about what their doing it more often than not comes across as sincere mutual admiration for what different groups of people are doing. Regardless, whats really exciting about all this is that the young fans coming through now seem totally open to 'urban' and 'indie' music co-existing on the same stage. For example Blaise Belleville, at All Age Concerts has been putting on gigs for under 18s that feature JME alongside Foals and Jack Penate alongside Tinchy Stryder, all of which sell out, while at the 18+ side of things Styleslut have been put on Wiley alongside BonoMustDie.

Next week we've got the Reading and Leeds gigs which are a massive deal for us as we've been going to the festivals ourselves for years. We're on Friday in Leeds and Sunday in Reading. For those going to Leeds, make sure you get up on the Thursday to see the finest Leeds bands (Forward Russia, Sky Larkin, Shut Your Eyes) play a special welcoming party on site organized by DTTR.

Also, check out our myspace blog, for pictures from our trip to Japan.



(NOTE: thanks to Chantelle Fiddy, where I found the Damon/Kano vid.)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We are going to Japan,

asides from trying to get our Japanese record label's PR team on the phone to the Bape central offices what should we be doing or looking out for? We got all evenings and a whole day off in Tokyo. I wanna eat sushi, ramen drink Saki and Japanese beer, some raw beef, buy loads of proper manga (even though I can't read it), maybe some porn (just so it can be read openly on a train), buy some toys (I heard Nintendo DS carts are universal, true?) and eat off the body of a naked virgin (I heard there are places that do this.) Suggestions please people?!?! I saw this trick worked nicely on another blog.

Where is Johnathan Ross when you need him?

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've just finished a remix of Tree Friend Tree Foe for my friends Bolt Action Five. It came out pretty good, I saw a tee-shirt in Topman that said 'I Hate New Rave'. Apparently the high-street marketing men no longer believe it to be cool so I tried to make the most Ravey remix I could. Took me back to my M25 illegal field rave days. When I get clearance I'll be uploading it here, and no doubt sticking it on the next Hadouken! Mixtape with one of their new tracks.

Aside from that the song is based around what I believe to be the Television programme Knightmare. Who remembers this little gem of a show? Plenty of clips on the Youtube website. Fuck Morrissey, Tree Friend Tree Foe is real lyrical Genius.

World of Hadouken!:

Well if I am writing a blog it means I have a severe case of writers block, I'm sitting on three great instrumentals and I havent got a clue where to start with the lyrics. One is a drum and bass track, one is 3/4 swingbeat number and the other is kind of Coldplay with square bass. I'm thinking about doing one track about parental divorce (although mine have never done this, so I'm trying to step out of my shoes for a moment), and the dnb one I'm gonna try and do some sort of gossipy anecdote, dont ask me how though. I also wanna do a song about some sort of suburban Jack the Lad, dad bought him a Vaxhall Corsa, has a mullet or Manga Hair, heavy drinker or a cannibis smoker. I'm also working on some vocal for some other band, something might come of it.

The other three boys are all in Barcelona at the moment no doubt drinking and getting a tan, maybe a few other things. Cunts. (Sorry, didnt mean that... just quite jealous.) Alice is still working on her dissertation, something I don't envy.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hometaping Is Killing The Record Industry

Two fresh perspectives well worth a read:

Richard Russell from XL says 'times have never been better for making music'

Stephen Godfroy from Rough Trade on the art of music retail and fighting back against the high street.

On the subject of Rough Trade, found this Youtube jem from New York anti-folk legend Jeff Lewis...


Monday, July 23, 2007


Watching Girls Aloud on a sunny beach in Weston Super Mare whilst drinking free red bull cocktails, surrounded by channel 4 C-List celebrities = definitely one of the more surreal highlights of the so-called summer so far. I think the red bull had some kind of delayed effect on me though as I woke up at four this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, nasty shit. Anyway, we were pleased and surprised to find a small crowd of people who came over to the 4Music stage to see us play, thankyou for coming, playing to an empty field would have been a bit awkward.

Here's what I/we learnt:

1. T4 on the Beach is literally on the beach.

2. When you go on TV people give you lots of free stuff, this is awkward.

3. If you work in TV you are probably 23, blonde, fit and carrying a clipboard and or walkie-talkie.

4. Kate Nash, The Twang and Calvin Harris are nice people.

5. Patrick Wolf was right.

6. TV allegedly adds 10 pounds, Chris laughs in the face of this danger.

7. T4 presenter Steve Jones has some big lyrics... 'get your hands in the air, weston-super-mare'... DEEP.

8. There is a difference between a make up artist and a face painter, if you ask a make up artist to make you look like a tiger they will not be amused.

Backstage we got given some T-shirts with anti-global warming slogans on them, we also got mirrors surrounded by 12 extremely bright, energy consuming lightbulbs and a chauffeur driven car to take us around the site.

In other news, we finished the first recording session for our still untitled album, we're going to write some more songs, then record them, then release it. Nothing can possibly go wrong.



P.S I added some more links to our bands list to the right, check them out. One new addition is this lot, Ghost Frequency:

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yesterday we took a break from recording our album to catch our buddies Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames play the Barfly at the opening night of the Rolo Tomassi and Meet Me In St Louis UK tour. We only caught the last couple of songs by Guildford based Meet Me In St Louis but saw enough to confirm the positive reports I'd been hearing about them, check em out here

No doubt any review of Rolo Tomassi's tour will mention how young the band are, but that seems an injustice to a band who are not just good for their age, but incredible by any standards. You can check out their myspace here, but your life won't really be complete until you've seen them live so get yourself to one of these dates...

A lot of love has already been shown on these pages for SYEAYBIF, so I'll just say they smashed it as ever, they are going to be incredible on the October tour. James made a guest appearance, thanks to Paul for the pic...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Real Time Collage TV + Tour Supports


We've just finished putting together a second Real Time Collage Blog which will feature original video content, largely filmed by Bobby Harlow and his crew e.g. tour diaries, single promos and that. Click here to check out Real Time TV

We're also pleased to announce two of the bands that will be coming on tour with us in September. Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames and :( will be doing half the tour each with at least one other act TBC for all dates. For details of all the gigs go to our website

Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames

:( - (Colon Openbracket)

Also, check out this fan video for Rockstars by Does It Offend You, who toured with us in June, pretty sick...

We're in the studio at the moment, recording tracks for our album, we just finished a new track that will be our next single, it's a bit of a change from the first two so we're pretty excited about hearing people's reaction.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June Tour Diary - 01

We're out on tour at the moment, the first two gigs (newcastle and stoke) were sick. We've got Bobby Harlow (who directed our promo vids) on tour with us filming whats we're up to. Here's the first clip, of James smashing Nick's drums, more to come soon.

Friday, May 4, 2007


By Mr. Bobby Harlow



Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Sorry music people, I havent exactly been keeping things musically based recently. This was too funny not to share. A man that builds all his furniture out of fed-ex boxes.

Monday, April 16, 2007


YO, so after reading James repping his ends me and nick thought we'd also take the oppertunity to shout out our local heroes; REUBEN.

1. We just picked up their new DVD and it's pretty inspiring stuff for a new band like us. These boys have worked their tits off for over half a decade and everything they've released has been the mutt's nuts... and they're funny motherfuckers. nothing but respect for Reuben in the H! camp.

2. Also originally from not far from us is Mr.Frank Turner, Frank fronted Million Dead, whose second and last album 'Harmony No Harmony' was in my opinion the best album released by a british band in a very long time, very little since can touch their integrity and passion. Since their demise Frank's been touring relentlessly solo, I organised a gig for him in Leeds last year and frankly (sorry) it was fucking great.

3. A mutual friend of mine and Elle Milano introduced me to their brilliantly titled EP 'Swearing's For Art Students' last year. They're leicester based I think, but i'm told half of them are from our ends. they make noisy manic artrock stuff with ace lyrics, In what I imagine are their own words:

'They donate a calculated cynicism of the innescapable clich├ęs of industry-manufactured popular culture and the shallow consumerist attitudes of the information age, but also of the British indie rock scene and pretentious, flippant, student culture.'

Deep. their album is out later this year. check it out yo.

4. Since I've been away I've been hearing a fair bit of talk about Meet Me In St Louis, I'm yet to see them live, but this
is very promising.


I finally worked out the lyrics to the anthemic 'Sorry Your Not a Winner' by the band who my dad calls... Enter Shakira. (as Pilau once said... Enter Shakira?...I certainly would)

Scratchcard berry!
What is slow pleasure?
That boy sells bass!
Don’t look back now
My wifes a bowl, (do you remember?)
My Wifes a bowl,
Well someones stuck blue tac in my eye!

Sorry your not,
A winner with the airs so cold and lifes so bitter,
What have you got!
to lose but false intentions and a life so pretentious

Scratch card berry,
What is slow passion?
That guys nosebleed,
Don’t look back now!
My wife’s a bowl,
Do you remember
That sweat’s dying.

What? [apt.]

Your wow!

(Its such a con!)
(Insert your wife!)

Jokes aside, go and buy their album. Its flapping fantastic, and I can't get it off my stereo/itunes at the moment. Not that I am trying to. All the tracks in CD quality make the purchase price alone worthwhile, and when you buy it most of the money deservedly goes to the band themselves... not some middle-aged major label weasel. And they're from St Albans.

Saturday, April 7, 2007


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I found one of the most bizarre Internet cult thingy recently through our wonderful drummer Nick. All Nick had done was to fill his MSN Messenger quote with a phrase from a short story about Kriss Akabusi....

'He whispered Awooga into her ear, and patted her on the fanny.'

Intrigued, although a little confused it was enough to crack me up for about three minutes.

It turns out someone on the football365 forums had been posting up fictional, lurid pseudo-porn-mag, sex stories that involved the sexual deviance of former British athletic champion, children's television presenter and now motivational speaker Kris Akabusi(since taken down I may add). Akabusi's catchphrase as some of you may remember, was to belt out the non-word 'Awooga!' in times of jubilation. The stories posted were farcical and ridiculous tales of Akabusi's sexual escapades, littered with hideous sexual metaphors and which always finished with the above quote. The Kult of Awooga had begun.

After joining an Akabusi Appriciation Facebook group which Nick had invited to me, I stumbled upon another hilarious website, which had some Akabusi related banter. I surfed some of the links on the site which seem to deal with subvertisments, culture jamming and parody based humour and then noticed it was run by a member of Shitdisco. Upon finding this out I had no choice but to scream 'Awooga!' But I stopped short of patting Darren Shitdisco on the fanny.

Disclaimer for James's concience: These stories are of course made-up, and Kriss Akabusi is most likely a lovely, decent bloke. When searching for an image I found a fair few pictures of him posing with disabled kids, which seemed to reaffirm this and make me feel pretty guilty about this post. But the stories are just too funny not to share.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If three years ago I knew what the fuck a 'blog' was and had ever felt inclined to write a post about my local music scene I would have been at odds to present you with anything decent. Now for some reason I am spoilt for choice. I was also hoping to be in the best band that ever came from Bushey I did some research. But then again maybe not.

2007. And this is no longer the case.

You may be well aware that I have been based in Leeds, but for the whole of this football season, when asked in an interview I have referred to my native region of origin as the south east. Watford you see, kicked Leeds United out of a chance to grace the Premiership. If I was a fucking hard nut, I would have proclaimed my origins sooner. But I am now living back in my humble town so I may walk the streets without fear of castration/stoning/ or even the thought of being taken to the Gallows

The Gallows

I was made aware of this bunch by Jon Kennedy in an interview on XFM and promised him I would check them out. Thanks Jon, they are innately valid (that's an intra-band joke... Hadouken Dictionary to come soon on these pages) But to the point. There is a serious lack of hardcore with-and-without a capital H to have made waves within the UK over the past couple of years (thanks for this 'The Strokes'.) Gallows seem to have bucked this trend and justifiably so. I recognise a few of their faces from my Watford Skater/Alt Minority/Metaller Teenager/School days (i flipped between townie and metaller frequently- its emo and chav now though isn't it?) I think at least one attended my school but probably in a few years above. So did these sik fuckers.

Wow I am part of a credible geographical location based scene. Well... maybe I could pass off myself of as a member of 'the best band from the region to mix rock and dance music'.

Oh... they're from St Albans round the corner apparently.

SO anyway... There is a thriving art/music/cultural scene in Watford and Bushey. These links are also worth your time.


These guys put on art shows, music nights and anything in between and do it well. I think they put on one of Kate Nash's second gigs in a back garden. Imagine the tales you could have told your hipster friends if you had been to that. Also check Crackin' Festival. I couldn't for the life of me find a link though.

There are some Tidy Graphic designers based in Bushey too. I discovered this site for some clothes that rep my manor. Fuck Rocawear, Sean John etc... s'all about Bushey Clothing.

Finally I came back this month to find the best bar in town had closed. It was a hub for all things alternative/creative/accepting even if the drinks prices sometimes suffered from that nasty South-East England inflation. RIP Taylors Bar. My move back home may shed some light onto what is going down over the summer. So expect another post in a couple of months.




I just found out what Arctic Monkeys's next album is titled.

(Favourite Worst Nightmare)

There goes that album \/\/\/\/\/ idea down the shitter.

Alex Turner and co... Why have they got to out-do, out-strip and out-class every other fucking band in Britain? I was hoping for a difficult second album, but judging from the likes of Brianstorm and the previews on Youtube this will not be the case.


^^^Ohh... potential album title there.

Lots of material to edit down from our trusted handicam. Here is the first portion of chips.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Hadouken! mix on Radio1

Click here to hear James' mix.


Bloc Party- ‘The Prayer (Hadouken! Remix)’ (Wichita)
Like Woah!- ‘Oh I Like (Woah!)’ (Unknown)
David E Sugar Feat. Ears- ‘First OK’ (Brikabrak]
Wiley- ‘Eskiboy’ (Boy Better Know)
Plan B- ‘No More Eatin’ (Hadouken! Remix)’ (679 Recordings)
Virus Syndicate- ‘Red Eyes’ (Dubplate)
TNT- ‘Transmission’ (Outlaw Breaks)
Skepta feat Wiley, JME, Creed- ‘Duppy’ (Boy Better Know)
The Klaxons - ‘Atlantis to Interzone (Hadouken! Remix)’ (Merok)
Bolt Action Five - ‘Tree Friend Tree Foe (Kissy Sell Out Remix)’ (No Pain In Pop)
Hadouken!- ‘Tuning In (Re-Rub Dub)’ (Surface Noise Recordings)
Uffie - ‘Ready To Uff’ (Ed Banger)
Kate Nash - ‘Caroline is a Victim’ (Unknown)
Mr Ozio - ‘Flatbeat’ (Unknown)
The Klaxons - ‘Golden Skans (David E Sugar Remix)’ (Polydor)
Justice - ‘Phantom’ (Ed Banger)
Fox N Wolf- ‘Youth Alcoholic’ (Unknown)
Radioclit - ‘Mature Macho Machine (Solid Groove and Sinden Remix)’ (Unknown)
The Gossip - ‘Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax Remix)’ (Unknown)
Test Icicles - ‘Catch It’ (Domino)
Jixilix? - ‘Go!’ (Dubplate)
Hadouken! - ‘That Boy That Girl (Demo)’ (Surface Noise)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hadouken! on Beat Stevie

So last month we played Shepherds Bush with Plan B. After the gig we took it upon ourselves to take full advantage of whatever free alochol was provided and swan about the VIP bar acting like rockstars. This was all going well until we bumped into Example, Mike Skinner and Ted Mayhem who wanted to interview us for their youtube chanel, Beat Stevie...oh dear...

In other news,

Tiger Force have announced their mini-album...

our friends at Mute Magazine are helping us put together the long overdue first volume of Messthetics, more news on that soon, the first issue of Mute mag is available around Liverpool this week...

our new mates Pull Tiger Tail introduced us to Street Fighter the Later Years...

we made a new myspace for our remixes...

Silverlink is DJing at All Ages Concerts gig with The Presets, metronomy and the teenagers on 5th april...

James got 174 lines on tetris, (if any bands fancy themselves in a head to head tag team tetris competition step up, you will loose.)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hot Topic.

There's been alot of debate about us on a few music forums recently. Theres some really intelligent discussion especially at Dissensus.

(Disclaimer: To the average Hadouken fan. Please don't feel the need to go sign up to the forums to defend us in any way. Its perfectly healthy discussion.)

Although we have accounts with the various forums, won't be replying to any of these posts, basically because if we start we could be there all year responding, and we know how forum debates can sometimes go.

First off I guess I pre-empted this reaction the moment I realised our first single was going to be a sucess. First off I have never wanted to have been seen to press ourselves on the Grime scene. I'm not talking about taking influence. I feel I have every right to take influence from anything I want, be it punk of 76, jungle of 95, uk garage or grime. But the scene itself I understandably don't feel part of. Thats why I have told our radio plugger not to push our beats to urban shows, and thats why you wont be hearing any Grime remixes, or collaborations despite the suprising offers we have had from a few known grime acts. We put out our single on our own little indie label on un-dj-friendly 7inch. We let it be downloaded for free for six months (no concerns about jingle free radio rips) and it sold out on personal pre-orders.

Grime production is in my blood. If something like That Boy That Girl, listens as an ironic pastiche of Grime, then this is disheartening to me, because if anything it was intended to be a nod, to pay homage to the genre that I am massive fan of. The tracks you have heard were sequenced and made in a bedroom on fruityloops. Since then we have managed to expand our sound and get some fully live recordings done. All I can say is that the album will make more sense, and will probably be less offensive to the grime purists in terms of direction and influence. I will be posting up a live clip on the myspace in the next couple of days, check it if you care.

I have no problem with anyone on the underground who hates the music for what it is. If you think its shit then it is shit. My flows can't compete with the Grime boys (and girls) who have established themselves with years of experience and graft on the pirate circuit. I havent had that and I never will. It will feel diluted to a purists ears. But nothing in our sound was compromised. Maybe I have it in me to come out with pop, some of my grime edged towards this (Not Wise anyone?) The reason its getting support? No major label has touched us yet so its not corporate sponsorship. I'd put it down to a good radio plugger, decent management, and the buzz of myspace.

It is out of my hands if the trend/mainstream press pick up on it all. If it means I can make music for a living then I'll carry on sending them my tunes. Even some of the style bible magazines that picked up and ditched grime so quickly have published articles that are quick to write us off and dismiss us as the white kids from Watford who don't have a clue. But I'll get over it.

So I cant compete with the flows. However I do feel I can compete elsewhere on a level, with the four highly competent musicans who back me on duel synths, guitar and bass guitar and full drumkit and triggers as supposed to a stale set of two CDJs or an instrumental dubplate. They are the reason we have been getting gigs, not because we are white. If one of the big dogs in grime could clock this 'live music' potential then I am sure they could make far bigger waves than us. Gigs sell records in the indie world. They also account for a far larger proportion of an artists incomings, especially in these days of the mp3. Maybe grime shouldnt concern itself with uploads and piracy when its key demographic doesn't actually buy music now anyway regardless of genre. How about a grime act going on stage at 8pm in a live venue rather than 2am in a club when everybody is pissed up and ready to kick off? This is not for want to change grime for what it is. Just a suggestion to ways of drawing capital which is essential for its survival.

If anyone ever came out with the statement that JME had catted my flow I would be the first person who would have to swallow-back vomit. But thankfully I don't see that happening as of yet. I've lost count of the ammount of Boy Better Know teeshirts I've seen young, white 'indie' kids wearing at our gigs. Hopefully thats well deserved revenue in his pocket. I'm thinking of the 14 year old Welsh kid who came up to us wearing one after a gig in Manchester.

One day I will be able to reveal all of how our story happened. I'm keeping a diary of every movement we have made in the music industry since day dot. I can't reveal for the time being until we are finally signed. I can accept that institutional racism is still rife within british society. However, the only thing that united the typically creative, maybe liberal industry a&r men (of various colour and probably sexuality) was the fact that they liked our tracks and the fact that we were doing something ever so slightly different to other bands. Slightly different... something we had originally set out to do.


James Hadouken! (annoying front man)
Dr Venom (Ex-grime producer)
James Smith (Garage/Grime/Dubstep/Indie/Punk/Metal/Pop fan)

Monday, March 5, 2007

Democratising the Beat

Alright people,

long-time no post. We have been busy to say the least. Anyway I thought I would return to the blog on the tip of other bloggers whom I admire, namely Woebot, Blissblog and Martin @ Blackdown, who take an intelligent and critical angle on contemporary musical genres. I thought this excerpt from a piece of research I am doing at the moment is worth your time. Its about Grime and the democracy of production that desktop PCs and Consoles offered to the younger generation of Garage fans.

Incidentally Blackdown has a published an interview I conducted with him for the very same piece of research.

Throughout Popular Music’s history the materialization of many genres and scenes can be attributed to developments of technologies that have assisted the making or distribution of music. Acid House, a forbearer of Grime itself was a product of the new availability of drum machines, synthesizers and advances in computer memory in the mid-to-late 1980s. (Collins, 1999, passim) The emergence of the white label, a cheap to process 12-inch acetate vinyl, decorated with the minimum of effort (or ‘white label’ as it were) revolutionised the distribution of dance music singles around the same time whilst offering the staple format for dance tracks ever since. (ibid.) It is true that countless UK Garage and many Grime artists have utilised this very same low cost production method to establish themselves early in their career, abolishing the need for a full fledged, professional record label.

The emergence of Grime directly corresponds with two technological revolutions. The first falls within the process of music making and positioned the power of production into the hands of more disadvantaged and often younger followers. Developments in desktop personal computers coupled with the availability of pirated music-making software on the internet gave a new generation the power to construct musical arrangements at an affordable cost. Software based applications such as Fruityloops and Reason which required no more than standard PC and a set of speakers gave the power to amateur music-makers, despite having no previous knowledge of musical production. This lack of musical know-how had a detrimental effect on the musical output of the pioneers of Grime as the traditional strictures and doctrines of previous genres of dance were thrown out the window, undoubtedly having an effect on genetics of the UK Garage genre. The youthful and innately techno-literate subcultural followers inevitably self-taught themselves the skills to produce the music that they saw fit. Beats and melodies were now constructed from scratch, based purely on the feel and the temperament of the producer and ushered in an new era of sound and sonical temperament.

Videogame consoles offered another outlet of production for these new beat-smiths. A series of titles under the moniker of ‘Music’ were released on the Sony Playstation a massively popular home-console. The game allowed the user to manipulate musical loops and create tracks using the control-pad and a block-building interface. It was allegedly on this software where the seminal track ‘Pulse X’ by the Musical Mob was created. One of the first success stories to emerge from Grime was Dylan Mills or Dizzee Rascal as his MC personality was to be known, apparently using Music on the Playstation to create beats. Nick Hugget the man who discovered Dizzee Rascal and the A&R of XL Recordings recalled to me a time when the young Mills brought his tracks on a mere Playstation memory card to a professional studio during the early stages of recording his Mercury Prize Winning Album, ‘Boy In the Corner’.

If anyone ever asks me what drew me to my mild obsession with Grime in its early days I guess this could explain it. It affected me on two fronts, not only was I fascinated with the unravelling of the strictures and dogmas of UK Garage by the countless juvenile producers, but the fact that I could engage with the process myself with not more than the family PC, Limewire and broadband connection. Who would have thought you could make dance music (as UK Garage still was back then) without beats? [Wiley- Eskimo 2] And what the fuck was Ice Rink all about? Were they beats or was that just melody. Wonders 'What' seemingly used four elements to create a dystopian masterpiece, which braced me for the dubstep I was to encounter next. I downloaded Fruityloops in 2001 and I'm still hooked. I still don't believe I have touched the surface of musical production, Hadouken pop-songs are essentially 2-bit in comparison to the potential of digital production, with the imagination and correct know-how. Saying that, 2-bits is all any good pop song requires.

(Some of you may have noticed that back there I say there were two revolutions that occured within Grimes early days. The other for the record is the mp3 as the first valid digital format and the catalyst for piracy, diffusion of geographical underpinnings and something of an assault on dubplate culture, but I haven't finished that section yet.)

Sunday, January 28, 2007


The sounds of the summer suburbs circa 1999.



This was a brooding effort from Ed Case, touches a little deeper than many UKG tracks. Lest it be forgotten. I notice this got a rehash for the bassline house lot last year, and it sounds gash compared to the original.


Girl anthem here. I was speaking to Simon Reynolds (as one does) and he pointed out, that the approval system for UK Garage always seems to centre on the the opinion of the 'laydeez', which is perhaps unlike any other underground music.


In my humble opinion MJ's finest 'early' hour.



Not strictly darkside by todays standards, but definately went off down your local underage gig at the bingo hall.


Sampled some old Depth Charge record, itself probably sampling some old kung-fu movie. 'Went off' lots.


Had some bait sample on it but didn't take away from drop and subsequent bassline.

Make sure and go and support these artists by buying these relea... sorry I'm trying to keep a straight face.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Tis true...

Kissy Sell Out.

I discovered this guy through my new best mates, Bolt Action Five. He is their cousin or something and did a pretty sick-fuck remix of their track 'Tree Friend Tree Foe'. If you listen to the lyrics in it I think you can hear them talking about Knightmare, that disturbing British childrens quest tv show. I never saw a contestant win on it...


Like Woah!

These guys I know nothing about apart from they make music-to-ejaculate-to. Just download some yeah? I found them on Hupendi, which is a BLOGWORTHAMOMENTOFYOURTIME.
Download some good stuff there.



This guy makes electro that is serious fucked in the head.



Monday, January 8, 2007

Mike Skinner plays Hadouken! on Radio 1

Last night Mike played 'That Boy That Girl' whilst covering for Zane on Radio1. It was the first time the single mix has been played out and it was a massive honour for us to have him drop the first play.

We've played a couple of gigs lately with Example, whos on Mike's label, his second single 'You Can't Rap' is out soon and it's ace. We'll be playing with Example again on a couple of Plan B's dates, also playing will be another sick The Beats artist Professor Green who you should also know well. If you don't already, click these:


Professor Green


Feb 1st - Plan B @ Leeds, Cockpit feat. Example and Hadouken!

Feb 9th - Plan B @ London, Shep Bush feat. Example, Professor Green and Hadouken!

Hadouken Vs Bloc Party

The Hadouken remix of 'The Prayer' by Bloc Party is available for download here and now. Take it, it's yours, for free, a present from us. Play it loud and distribute it far and wide.


Next in line for the Hadouken refit treatment: FORWARD RUSSIA!

Friday, January 5, 2007


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Limited edition colours... (try and collect all 500.)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I found a few more good bands surfing about and I need to share them with you.

These guys (and girl) seem pretty elusive, I couldn't find much information about them, and to be honest I didn't really look. Because I am lazy. And so are you. Their music positively hurts my ears. But I, like an emotionally broken spouse of a wifebeater, I just keep on going back.


They must have been named after the Gringer's alter ego in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. A Journalist cock would say something like... ''its early Yeah Yeah Yeahs (before they lost that 'pizazz') meets a band that everybody namechecks, but no one has actually heard via something that is not a physical place.'' Hope that helps.


If you haven't heard them then check them. I heard about them ages ago but forgot to tell you about them. Honest. The Rapture met Death From Above 1979 and turned gay. Modular recordings, aussie indie is hot, blah blah blah...


Monday, January 1, 2007


Nabucca, 00:45 hours New Years Day. The final lyrics from the chorus of That Boy That Girl 'Time to blow the speaker' unfortunately became reality. Did it stop the party? Hell no.