Sunday, December 10, 2006

Japanese Fruityloop Spastics


Life is full of coincidences, deja-vu and chance encounters. Through a chance encounter I found an amazing book sitting on a table, in the library at school. Some may argue that you are extremely likely to come across books in libraries however this one really did catch my eye. That person might possibly argue further that any book with these freaks (SEE BELOW) on the front cover would catch anybody’s eye. I would then proceed to twat that said person in the eyeball with my trusted parker pen.

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Anyway it turns out Japan has been doing East London for the last decade or so and it has been documented by FRUiTs zine/magazine. There is nothing 'neu' about fashion at the moment. Check out the book (I say book, but its one of the best kind, ones with about 300 words, then the rest pictures)


This place too...