Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June Tour Diary - 01

We're out on tour at the moment, the first two gigs (newcastle and stoke) were sick. We've got Bobby Harlow (who directed our promo vids) on tour with us filming whats we're up to. Here's the first clip, of James smashing Nick's drums, more to come soon.


x_fcukin_sexc_x said...

haha!! fuckin hilarious!! LOL!! cant believe james did that.....hope ur tour is going good anyway!!
shame brighton gig is all sold out otherwise i would c u there!! any1 got any spair tickets??? lol
fuckin love u guys!! xxxxx

nessa said...

haha you guys must have a ball on tour... play in norwich again ! :D good luck for the rest of the tour! xxx

Master piece in India said...

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physicalmonster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
physicalmonster said...

!! i really love you guys! your vids are really amazing! im from spain and i cant understand you very well, but it doesnt matter, i enjoy your vids a lot! :D I hope that i can see you soon on tour this summer, i will travel to uk just to see you guys! xxx

1DA-WOMAN said...

LMAO @ Nick.. aw you guys are so so funny! =P


headphonesex said...

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