Thursday, August 30, 2007



We try not to use this blog to promote our stuff and instead keep it focused on inane chat, amateur music journalism and novelty youtube videos. However we´re pretty excited to be nominated for a DIGITAL MUSIC AWARD and so we´d be very grateful if you could vote for us in the ´Best Eelectronic Artist of DJ´ category by clicking here

We are also nominated in the best breakthrough band category, but that is panel judged. In other news, we played Ibiza rocks last night with We Are Scientists, bit of a weird gig that, it was in the tennis court at the hotel where george michael filmed Club Tropicana, for those too young to remember:

In the song he says the drinks are free, it was a big let down to find out THAT WAS A LIE. Ill never trust george again. anyway, WAS were ace and lovely blokes

peace n that



P.S. some of the gigs on the tour are sold out on our website but you can still get tickets at other outlets, like