Tuesday, August 7, 2007


We are going to Japan,

asides from trying to get our Japanese record label's PR team on the phone to the Bape central offices what should we be doing or looking out for? We got all evenings and a whole day off in Tokyo. I wanna eat sushi, ramen drink Saki and Japanese beer, some raw beef, buy loads of proper manga (even though I can't read it), maybe some porn (just so it can be read openly on a train), buy some toys (I heard Nintendo DS carts are universal, true?) and eat off the body of a naked virgin (I heard there are places that do this.) Suggestions please people?!?! I saw this trick worked nicely on another blog.

Where is Johnathan Ross when you need him?


WhiteSaturn said...

Hay, wish I was going to Japan, boo. Yeah the DS carts are universal, i would recommend Band brothers:Jam with the band. Its a music game, which you can unlock a full synth style thingy.

Can't wait to see you guys at Leeds Fest, have a good one in Japan.

blackninja said...

Im in Japan right now!

and going to see you guys this Sunday at Summer Sonic Festival!

Also Ill see you at Reading!

NJ said...

If you're game shopping then you need to go to the Akihabara district, you should definately go to the Harajuku region too as it has to be seen to be believed.

Gabe said...

ahh your lucky to be able to go to japan. Good luck on that porn!

Anonymous said...

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