Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've just finished a remix of Tree Friend Tree Foe for my friends Bolt Action Five. It came out pretty good, I saw a tee-shirt in Topman that said 'I Hate New Rave'. Apparently the high-street marketing men no longer believe it to be cool so I tried to make the most Ravey remix I could. Took me back to my M25 illegal field rave days. When I get clearance I'll be uploading it here, and no doubt sticking it on the next Hadouken! Mixtape with one of their new tracks.

Aside from that the song is based around what I believe to be the Television programme Knightmare. Who remembers this little gem of a show? Plenty of clips on the Youtube website. Fuck Morrissey, Tree Friend Tree Foe is real lyrical Genius.

World of Hadouken!:

Well if I am writing a blog it means I have a severe case of writers block, I'm sitting on three great instrumentals and I havent got a clue where to start with the lyrics. One is a drum and bass track, one is 3/4 swingbeat number and the other is kind of Coldplay with square bass. I'm thinking about doing one track about parental divorce (although mine have never done this, so I'm trying to step out of my shoes for a moment), and the dnb one I'm gonna try and do some sort of gossipy anecdote, dont ask me how though. I also wanna do a song about some sort of suburban Jack the Lad, dad bought him a Vaxhall Corsa, has a mullet or Manga Hair, heavy drinker or a cannibis smoker. I'm also working on some vocal for some other band, something might come of it.

The other three boys are all in Barcelona at the moment no doubt drinking and getting a tan, maybe a few other things. Cunts. (Sorry, didnt mean that... just quite jealous.) Alice is still working on her dissertation, something I don't envy.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

Hometaping Is Killing The Record Industry

Two fresh perspectives well worth a read:

Richard Russell from XL says 'times have never been better for making music'

Stephen Godfroy from Rough Trade on the art of music retail and fighting back against the high street.

On the subject of Rough Trade, found this Youtube jem from New York anti-folk legend Jeff Lewis...


Monday, July 23, 2007


Watching Girls Aloud on a sunny beach in Weston Super Mare whilst drinking free red bull cocktails, surrounded by channel 4 C-List celebrities = definitely one of the more surreal highlights of the so-called summer so far. I think the red bull had some kind of delayed effect on me though as I woke up at four this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, nasty shit. Anyway, we were pleased and surprised to find a small crowd of people who came over to the 4Music stage to see us play, thankyou for coming, playing to an empty field would have been a bit awkward.

Here's what I/we learnt:

1. T4 on the Beach is literally on the beach.

2. When you go on TV people give you lots of free stuff, this is awkward.

3. If you work in TV you are probably 23, blonde, fit and carrying a clipboard and or walkie-talkie.

4. Kate Nash, The Twang and Calvin Harris are nice people.

5. Patrick Wolf was right.

6. TV allegedly adds 10 pounds, Chris laughs in the face of this danger.

7. T4 presenter Steve Jones has some big lyrics... 'get your hands in the air, weston-super-mare'... DEEP.

8. There is a difference between a make up artist and a face painter, if you ask a make up artist to make you look like a tiger they will not be amused.

Backstage we got given some T-shirts with anti-global warming slogans on them, we also got mirrors surrounded by 12 extremely bright, energy consuming lightbulbs and a chauffeur driven car to take us around the site.

In other news, we finished the first recording session for our still untitled album, we're going to write some more songs, then record them, then release it. Nothing can possibly go wrong.



P.S I added some more links to our bands list to the right, check them out. One new addition is this lot, Ghost Frequency:

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yesterday we took a break from recording our album to catch our buddies Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames play the Barfly at the opening night of the Rolo Tomassi and Meet Me In St Louis UK tour. We only caught the last couple of songs by Guildford based Meet Me In St Louis but saw enough to confirm the positive reports I'd been hearing about them, check em out here

No doubt any review of Rolo Tomassi's tour will mention how young the band are, but that seems an injustice to a band who are not just good for their age, but incredible by any standards. You can check out their myspace here, but your life won't really be complete until you've seen them live so get yourself to one of these dates...

A lot of love has already been shown on these pages for SYEAYBIF, so I'll just say they smashed it as ever, they are going to be incredible on the October tour. James made a guest appearance, thanks to Paul for the pic...

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Real Time Collage TV + Tour Supports


We've just finished putting together a second Real Time Collage Blog which will feature original video content, largely filmed by Bobby Harlow and his crew e.g. tour diaries, single promos and that. Click here to check out Real Time TV

We're also pleased to announce two of the bands that will be coming on tour with us in September. Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames and :( will be doing half the tour each with at least one other act TBC for all dates. For details of all the gigs go to our website

Shut Your Eyes and You'll Burst Into Flames

:( - (Colon Openbracket)

Also, check out this fan video for Rockstars by Does It Offend You, who toured with us in June, pretty sick...

We're in the studio at the moment, recording tracks for our album, we just finished a new track that will be our next single, it's a bit of a change from the first two so we're pretty excited about hearing people's reaction.