Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I've just finished a remix of Tree Friend Tree Foe for my friends Bolt Action Five. It came out pretty good, I saw a tee-shirt in Topman that said 'I Hate New Rave'. Apparently the high-street marketing men no longer believe it to be cool so I tried to make the most Ravey remix I could. Took me back to my M25 illegal field rave days. When I get clearance I'll be uploading it here, and no doubt sticking it on the next Hadouken! Mixtape with one of their new tracks.

Aside from that the song is based around what I believe to be the Television programme Knightmare. Who remembers this little gem of a show? Plenty of clips on the Youtube website. Fuck Morrissey, Tree Friend Tree Foe is real lyrical Genius.

World of Hadouken!:

Well if I am writing a blog it means I have a severe case of writers block, I'm sitting on three great instrumentals and I havent got a clue where to start with the lyrics. One is a drum and bass track, one is 3/4 swingbeat number and the other is kind of Coldplay with square bass. I'm thinking about doing one track about parental divorce (although mine have never done this, so I'm trying to step out of my shoes for a moment), and the dnb one I'm gonna try and do some sort of gossipy anecdote, dont ask me how though. I also wanna do a song about some sort of suburban Jack the Lad, dad bought him a Vaxhall Corsa, has a mullet or Manga Hair, heavy drinker or a cannibis smoker. I'm also working on some vocal for some other band, something might come of it.

The other three boys are all in Barcelona at the moment no doubt drinking and getting a tan, maybe a few other things. Cunts. (Sorry, didnt mean that... just quite jealous.) Alice is still working on her dissertation, something I don't envy.



Ave Maria said...

I hate new rave? lol I almost want that.

[p.s. Aww, be nice to Morrissey.]

Anonymous said...

i have a corsa, what you trying to say :P my dad didnt buy it though tight prick!

Tom OMG said...

So far, the only people I have seen wearing that shirt are people dressed in the finest new rave outfits.
I nearly bought that shirt but then realised if I did I wouldn't be able to afford the crystal castles shirt i had been coveting for ages.
& I am well looking forward to seeing Tree Friend Tree Foe given the Hadouken treatment ... although I swear everyone is mixing that song - Kissy Sell Out, Cleft Palettes.
*Enter Shikari
*Crystal Castles
*Los Campesinos

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