Monday, April 16, 2007


I finally worked out the lyrics to the anthemic 'Sorry Your Not a Winner' by the band who my dad calls... Enter Shakira. (as Pilau once said... Enter Shakira?...I certainly would)

Scratchcard berry!
What is slow pleasure?
That boy sells bass!
Don’t look back now
My wifes a bowl, (do you remember?)
My Wifes a bowl,
Well someones stuck blue tac in my eye!

Sorry your not,
A winner with the airs so cold and lifes so bitter,
What have you got!
to lose but false intentions and a life so pretentious

Scratch card berry,
What is slow passion?
That guys nosebleed,
Don’t look back now!
My wife’s a bowl,
Do you remember
That sweat’s dying.

What? [apt.]

Your wow!

(Its such a con!)
(Insert your wife!)

Jokes aside, go and buy their album. Its flapping fantastic, and I can't get it off my stereo/itunes at the moment. Not that I am trying to. All the tracks in CD quality make the purchase price alone worthwhile, and when you buy it most of the money deservedly goes to the band themselves... not some middle-aged major label weasel. And they're from St Albans.


VinylVision said...

One of my favorite UK bands making fun of my other favorite UK band.
I love it :)
See but the difference between you and Enter Shikari is that I'll be seeing them in the US next week.
OOooo competitionnn.
Get your asses over here. Please and thank you.

Kassssssssssssss said...

Hha. Yeah that does sound like that's what they're saying. And I agree their album is amazing. Can't get enough of it. And u guys rock get an album out soon pleeeeease! xxxxx

Tom OMG said...

I love you, Hadouken crew.
I'm from St Albans, and I heard that although you all met in Leeds, some of you are from St Albans or roundabouts near here.
Is that totally wrong?

Alex Schulte said...

Enter and Hadouken! 2 classic bands