Monday, April 16, 2007


YO, so after reading James repping his ends me and nick thought we'd also take the oppertunity to shout out our local heroes; REUBEN.

1. We just picked up their new DVD and it's pretty inspiring stuff for a new band like us. These boys have worked their tits off for over half a decade and everything they've released has been the mutt's nuts... and they're funny motherfuckers. nothing but respect for Reuben in the H! camp.

2. Also originally from not far from us is Mr.Frank Turner, Frank fronted Million Dead, whose second and last album 'Harmony No Harmony' was in my opinion the best album released by a british band in a very long time, very little since can touch their integrity and passion. Since their demise Frank's been touring relentlessly solo, I organised a gig for him in Leeds last year and frankly (sorry) it was fucking great.

3. A mutual friend of mine and Elle Milano introduced me to their brilliantly titled EP 'Swearing's For Art Students' last year. They're leicester based I think, but i'm told half of them are from our ends. they make noisy manic artrock stuff with ace lyrics, In what I imagine are their own words:

'They donate a calculated cynicism of the innescapable clich├ęs of industry-manufactured popular culture and the shallow consumerist attitudes of the information age, but also of the British indie rock scene and pretentious, flippant, student culture.'

Deep. their album is out later this year. check it out yo.

4. Since I've been away I've been hearing a fair bit of talk about Meet Me In St Louis, I'm yet to see them live, but this
is very promising.